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Psychic Health Readings



February 9, 2003
Person's Name: J.C.
Age, Gender: 24, female
Issue: General balancing and skin condition (eczema)

This is a system of body scanning in which circuits come up in the way they need to be addressed. Your main issue may not be the first thing that comes up. Bear in mind that I am not looking at symptoms but at underlying causes of imbalance. Nothing is only physical as it is also mental, emotional and spiritual. Therefore, I combine Healing Touch with other systems to get a complete picture.

First Priority: Detox circuit-large intestine toxicity.
Second Priority: Yeast (candida)
Third Priority: In the digestive circuit, your large intestine is lacking intestinal B vitamins.
Fourth Priority: Vaginal imbalance. I'm not picking up any infection or abnormal cells but just balancing needed. I'll recommend some herbs below.
Fifth Priority: Bacteria in the intestinal tract-only moderate imbalance.
Sixth Priority: Your skin condition is the next priority and it comes up as skin allergy. You are allergic to certain products and to some foods. See below for foods to avoid.


Foods to avoid (allergies, etc.): Your skin condition is aggravated by eating sugar and foods containing sugar. It is also caused by candida which is a yeast imbalance. When you have this imbalance, you crave sweets. The main symptoms of candida are PMS, skin rashes, craving bread and other things containing yeast, energy dives, depression and cramps.

Avoid fried foods, excess milk and cheese, sugar. Eggs are okay. Avoid oranges until the candida is better as they contain high sugar and yeast. Avocados and lemons are good for you.

Supplements or foods supplying needed minerals and vitamins suggested:
First is zinc. Zinc helps detox the body and helps the skin. Eat pumpkin seeds but you also need a zinc supplement of 100mg./day or 50mg./day and 1/4cup pumpkin seeds.
2nd- B Complex supplement and eat more whole grains.
3rd- Selenium supplement of 200mcg. Selenium is a great antioxidant and helps detoxify the body.
4th-Borage or evening primrose oil. This will help relieve PMS and also help the skin.
5th-Fish oil as a supplement to complete the omega fatty acids.

Preferred treatment for this body (Allopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, Western Herbal medicine, Vitamins): Herbal medicine comes up - you need to treat the candida with a candida cleanse supplement from the health food store, you could benefit from taking Don Quai for balancing the vagina and you could also take grapefruit seed extract for the bacteria and candida. Taking aloe vera juice or an intestinal cleanser is advised.

Chakra needing balancing: Your Second Chakra, your reproductive chakra, needs balancing. This is your sexual energy but also the energy you need to create. The color associated with this is orange and rust and browns. It would be good for you to eat pumpkin, cantaloupe and other orange vegetables but not oranges for now.

Chakra Balancing with gemstones
Gemstone testing best for wearing or using: Carnelian is the preference now.
Other suggestions for chakra balancing: Wear orange clothing like a scarf or top or whatever.

Essences of benefit (Bach flowers, Aura Soma, Aroma Therapy, etc.): None specifically needed now.

Exercise recommended: (swimming, walking, yoga, aerobics, water aerobics, running, weight-lifting, tennis or other sports) Your body's exercise of choice is swimming, with walking being the second choice.

Body treatments (Chiropractic, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Rolfing, Somatics)-Your body would like deep tissue massage and/or Rolfing. Also Somatic movements.


Scanned for:
Parasites: None found
Virus: None
Bacteria: Yes
Environmental Toxins: (Arsenic, graphite, cadmium, lead, copper, aluminum, sodium fluoride, asbestos, mercury metal) Mercury comes up and this would be amalgam fillings which you should try to remove when possible.