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by Sohana

Detailed Discussion About Chakras



Each of the eight chakras (energy centers) in the body are related to particular colors and also to gemstones containing those colors. There is a hidden science in nature called the science of signatures. It is the way nature designates the function of things through color. Color is part of the underlying order of the universe and is a universal language. It is energy and can be measured by wavelengths with red being the longest in the color spectrum and violet the shortest. Color is the key to understanding ourselves at the deepest level.

What does it mean when I say that a particular chakra needs balancing? It means that it may be closed or too open. Regardless of which it is, the gemstones related to that chakra are valuable healing tools. Below is a short definition of each chakra's functions and which gemstones balance them. <click the picture for a closer view>


1st Chakra (Base) - The color is red, from deep to lighter red and this Chakra is related to the quantity of physical energy and will to live in the physical reality. Challenges may be anger, frustration, resentment, need for grounding and low self-esteem. The crystal energies to help balance the 1st chakra are ruby, garnet, strawberry quartz, hematite and other stones of red and brown color.
2nd Chakra (Sexual) - The color is orange and it is related to sexual energy and creative energy. Challenges may be shock and trauma, dependency, co-dependency, or anti-dependency issues. When fully balanced, a person experiences bliss. Some of the gemstones for this chakra are carnelian, topaz, orange calcite, sunstone, tiger eye and jasper.
3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) - The colors are yellow and gold and it is associated with the great pleasure that comes from knowing one's connected place within the universe. It is the center for wisdom, self-valuing and deep joy. Challenges may be irrational fears, anxiety, mental confusion and needing to control. Some gemstones to balance this chakra are amber, gold, citrine, fluorite and topaz.
4th Chakra (Heart) - The color is varying shades of green from olive to emerald. This is the center through which we love and feel connected with all life and receive healing. Challenges may be jealousy, envy, needing space, needing to open to love, and difficulties in decision-making. Gemstones for this chakra include, emerald, jade, prehnite, peridot, maldevite and malachite.
5th Chakra (Throat) - The color is blue and includes turquoise. It is associated with taking responsibility for one's personal needs. Challenges may be a tendency towards emotional suppression, not speaking the truth, difficulties in expressing feelings, issues with authority, rigidity, isolation and aloofness. Gemstones include blue agate, sapphire, aquamarine, turquoise, fluorite and lapis lazuli.
6th Chakra (Brow) - Associated with the capacity to visualize and understand mental concepts, the color is deep purple and indigo. Challenges may be grief, hidden anger, and escapism. The gemstones include amethyst, fluorite and sugilite.
7th Chakra (Crown) - The color is white and light violet. This chakra is related to a person's spirituality and the integration of his whole being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Challenges may be feelings of wanting to go home and not feeling connected to the whole. Gemstones include diamond, quartz crystal, selenite and pearl.
8th Chakra - This energy center is above the head and the color is magenta. This is the center for divine love and service to humanity. Challenges may be searching for love outside the human experience and functioning in the world. Gemstones include sugilite, ruby and garnet.


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