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Psychic Health Readings
for Cats and Dogs

When I do a reading for your pet, I check for all the nutrients and anti-aging medicine I have found effective for Ayu and other pets. This includes Vitamin C, Co-Q10, fish oils, flaxseed oil, nutritional supplements, kelp powder, bone meal and many other natural remedies and/or alternative therapies. I also check the emotional level and often recommend flower remedies.

Medical Disclaimer: I am not a Veterinarian but a medical intuitive. My services are in addition to the treatment of your pets by a qualified veterinarian whose advice you should always obtain.

The fee for a pet reading is US$25 and is payable through PayPal.
Please click the link below when you send Sohana your pet's photograph.

Your reading will be done as soon as possible after Sohana receives your pet's photo and payment. Please allow a maximum time of two weeks to receive your reading although every attempt is made to do it in 2-7 days.

Sample Healing Touch Kinesiology Reading for your pet

Dog or Cat's Name: Jiwa
Age and gender of pet: Female dog, Age 2
Issue: Skin rash, hair loss, itching, nervous

This is a system of body scanning in which circuits come up in the way they need to be addressed. The main issue may not be the first thing that comes up. Bear in mind that I am not looking at symptoms but at underlying causes of imbalance. Nothing is only physical as it is also mental, emotional and spiritual. Therefore, I combine Healing Touch with other systems to get a complete picture.

First Priority: Parasites- round worms (strongyloidis stercoalis)
Second Priority: Lab stool test which is just a further indication of worms if you want a confirmation.
Third Priority: Food allergies - She tests for allergy to milk, eggs and cheese and to the preservatives and other chemicals in the dry dog food being given. Also, she is allergic to the shot given for skin parasites.


Fourth Priority: Synthetic toxicity from environmental sources -pesticides


Fifth Priority: Nutrition - needs trace minerals and a copper supplement, Vitamins E & C, B-Complex and Zinc



Foods to avoid (allergies, etc.): Commercial dry and canned dog food, milk, cheese, eggs,

Supplements suggested: Copper as a small pill to aid the detox from pesticides and other chemicals, Vitamin E & C, B-Complex and zinc. Find a good natural dog supplement containing these nutrients and also supplement this with the copper and extra vitamin C. Also, add flaxseed oil and fish oil to her diet as this is very important for her skin and coat. Dogs can take large doses of Vitamin C with very good results.

Dietary suggestions: As mentioned above, avoid the commercial dry and canned dog foods. Preparing organ meats in a broth, adding vegetables finely chopped and then serving this over red or brown rice to which is added bone meal and kelp is the best diet for her. This may vary for other pets.

Herbal and other medicines: She needs worming medicine. Since we are here in Indonesia, you can use vermox purchased at the drug store and give 250mg. for 2 days.
Use a good medicated dog shampoo containing aloe vera and tar.

Essences of benefit (Aura Soma, Bach, etc.): The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy would be very helpful. It is available in health food stores and at herbalists. Give a dropper full once a day for two days or longer as needed. She has some fear resulting in the nervous condition and this will be beneficial.