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Visionary Jewels Collection

by Sohana




Vision is what inspires us to reach for the stars, to see deeper and to expand into who we really are. In this present world with so much stress and so much emphasis on attaining the material, we lose touch with our soul essence - that part of us which is the source of our aliveness. Vision helps us to be in touch with what really matters, what nourishes us and makes us happy so we can reach our full potential as a child of the Universe. The varied gemstones in my latest collection were chosen because they enhance one's inner vision. They all have a luminosity that not only catches the eye, but reflects beauty, peace and harmony and helps us drop fear and negativity.

Below are samples of Sohana's collection. To see her catalog of currently available work, please click here: Visionary Jewels for Sale


A Mabe Pearl as seen 'in-situ' underwater.

These one-of -a-kind creations using natural healing stones are designed by Sohana on the Island of Bali and hand-crafted by Balinese goldsmiths and silversmiths.

Artist and healer, Nirava Sohana has lived in Bali for the last ten years. When asked how she came to have such an exotic lifestyle, her response was "I came as a tourist and the artist in me responded so strongly to my surroundings that I couldn't leave. I was enraptured by the nature, the creative energy I felt everywhere and most of all by the Balinese people themselves. Their spiritual way of life is the inspiration for my art and healing work.
As a practicing kinesiologist, Sohana has spent many years experimenting with the use of crystals and gemstones to promote healing. Because crystals have the ability to store, amplify and transform energy, we can use them to help balance ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The healing power of color therapy is now widely recognized in scientific circles and has always been known in the esoteric world. The science of color involves the seven master rays as seen in a rainbow. Each one infuses the appropriate soul center or chakra with its particular quality through varying rates of vibration. Color is a force of immense power and this is why stones with their varying colors effect the chakras and can aid in balancing the body. Each stone emits the magnetic powers of the ray of light contained within it. Stones are the stars in the Earth and are symbols of a high evolution, ever spiraling growth reaching for perfection towards the light.


To see Sohana's catalog of currently available work,
please click here:
Visionary Jewels for Sale

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