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Psychic Health Readings
Explanation and Disclaimer

Sohana has lived for the past twelve years on the magical island of Bali. She has been doing her special readings for eighteen years as well as practicing her healing arts. Certified as a Three-In-One Concepts facilitator, Sohana is also an herbalist, nutritional counselor, Aura Soma practitioner, Reiki Master and a meditator. She travels the world giving readings and teaching workshops in kinesiology (precision muscle-testing).

When asked why she chooses to live in Bali, her response is, "There is a very special energy conducive to psychic powers on this island. It is the most creative energy I have experienced in all my travels. The natural beauty as well as the beauty of the Balinese people and the meditative atmosphere make this a perfect place to do my work."

Of her healing, Sohana says, "Although I do not claim to heal anyone, I will give you the insights needed to empower you to heal yourself."

If you would like to see the response to her work, several genuine testimonials are reproduced here: Testimonials

Sample Healing Touch Kinesiology Reading is displayed here - so you can get a feeling for the nature of the information proffered.

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Sohana specializes in health readings. For distance readings, she uses a photograph of the person and a surrogate for testing. Sohana is able to shed light on health issues that are often missed or misdiagnosed by others. She includes several things in a health reading. First, if there is a particular problem, that is addressed. Then, she describes what is needed for the body to be in balance. This includes supplements, foods, exercise, herbs, essences, etc. She also does a complete body scan which includes organ function, parasites and places where energy is blocked in the body. A person may ask particular questions for a reading or just ask for a complete body balancing.


This is a picture of my dog Ayu. Her name means beautiful in Balinese and she is now thirteen years old. This fact may not be remarkable in the West, but in a place like Bali it is almost unheard-of for a dog to live this long. The life expectancy is usually from 5-8 years. I have been practicing anti-aging medicine on Ayu for 2 years now and she has been raised on natural, whole foods. She has all of her teeth which are very white and no bad breath. Her energy is that of a much younger dog and her coat is soft and shiny. She has never eaten canned or regular dry food. In the West, there are some excellent dry foods without preservatives and strange ingredients which are good for a part of the diet. However, it is suggested for a totally healthy animal to have some fresh foods in the form of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and meat (preferably chicken liver, heart, fish, etc. and even yogurt once in a while. Beef often causes allergies in dogs and cats. Ayu eats natural red rice topped with a broth containing organ meats, chicken or fish and many vegetables chopped fine and simmered for a few minutes in the meat broth. She loves her food and is a VERY HAPPY GIRL! Psychic Health Readings for Pets

Medical disclaimer:

Nirava Sohana is not a medical doctor. She is a "medical energy dowser", and expresses a "psychic opinion"; also called a "psychic reading". She receives only limited background information concerning the people she does readings for. These readings are available to persons eighteen years of age or older. What Sohana says or does is not meant to replace the opinions or diagnosis of your medical doctor and or any other licensed medical practitioner. Any concerns that you may have pertaining to anything Sohana says should be discussed openly with your medical doctor and/or licensed medical physicians. Nirava Sohana is only offering you a "psychic opinion" and this is in no means an alternative to your doctor and/or licensed medical physicians. This is a reading expressing "psychic opinions" for entertainment purposes only.

Sohana cannot ethically address potentially life-threatening conditions such as cancer or AIDS. These are serious problems that must be handled by your doctor and/or licensed physician. All readings are strictly confidential unless you indicate otherwise. By requesting a psychic health reading, you agree that you have read and understand the legal disclaimer detailed below, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions, which are presented for your approval before you make your decision to purchase or request a psychic health reading. You also agree that you are taking full responsibility for your actions and will not take any legal action against Sohana. You further agree that Nirava Sohana shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use or reliance on any suggestions available through this service. You understand and agree that you use the psychic health readings offered at your own risk.


I have read the above explanation and disclaimer and wish to proceed